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Snap-On Circuit Breaker Lockout

Snap-On Circuit Breaker Lockout

Our Price: $5.02
Safety Lockout Hasps

TruForce® Safety Lockout Hasp, Aluminum, Double Headed, 5 7/8 x 2

Circuit Breaker Lockouts

TruForce® Circuit Breaker Lockout, 120–277 VAC

Electrical Plug Lockouts

TruForce® Electrical Plug Lockout, 110 VAC (For Max 1/2 Cable)

Cylinder Valve Handwheel Lockout

Cylinder Valve Handwheel Lockout

Our Price: $16.70
Ball Valve Lockouts

TruForce® Ball Valve Lockout (For 1/4–1 Valves)

Universal Electrical Plug/Air Hose Lockout

Universal Electrical Plug/Air Hose Lockout

Our Price: $18.20
Pneumatic Lockout

Pneumatic Lockout

Our Price: $20.50
Cylinder Valve Lockout

Cylinder Valve Lockout

Our Price: $24.00
Heavy-Duty Padlock Stations

TruForce® Heavy-Duty Padlock Station, 10 Lock, 3 1/4 x 10 3/4

Gate Valve Lockouts

TruForce® Gate Valve Lockout (For 6 1/2–10 Handwheels)

Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout

Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout

Our Price: $37.80
Group Lockout Boxes

TruForce® Lock Box, 12 Lock, 9H x 6W x 3 3/4D

Padlock Stations

TruForce® Padlock Station, Large, 15 3/4 x 22


Safety Lockout Devices

With our competitive prices and extremely durable products, Branson Supply proudly offers customers some of the best-value lockout devices and padlock accessories on the market. Circuit breaker lockout devices are useful in preventing the unauthorized use of tampering with breaker boxes, breaker panels and switches by securely fastening the item during lockout procedure. Electrical components can not only cause fire, but also electrocution, which may lead to serious injuries or be fatal in some cases.

To ensure your working space is completely safe and to prevent future accidents from occurring, trust our inventory of expert-quality valve lockout devices to keep your equipment and yourself safe! The breaker lockout devices in our far-reaching supply are able to secure everything from an individual switch to complete breaker panels or boxes. Browse our inventory below to find exactly what you’re looking for at a price that won’t break the bank!